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Dolce Seven, originally founded in 2016 in Portland, Oregon by Josue Rivas, is a vegan food company dedicated to providing healthy vegan options, that are gluten and soy free.

Dolce Seven believes that every bite of their products should not only be healthy but provide a spiritual experience for you and your taste buds!    

Josue Rivas, a former known chef,  first came about the idea for a vegan cheesecake when he chose to be vegan after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in early 2016.   

“I never  thought in  a million years  that I would create  a plant-based product. Even though  now I believe that looking outside the box is part of our growth and self-discovery, back  then, I was a bit more set in my ways. I believed that meat should be part of a complete meal, but when my life became at stake, I knew I had to make changes.” 

And that is what he did.



Formerly having owned his own restaurants and training with known Chefs like Julia Childs, he was highly trained in the art of creating food with exceptional taste.  His talents were now put to the test as he struggled to find products in local establishments that not only tasted good but free from such ingredients as dairy, grains,  and soy. He wanted something that tasted amazing but was simple. 

And thus... Dolce Seven emerged, also known as the “Sweet Seven”.  

Seven simple ingredients was all he needed to create the most amazing cheesecake he had ever tasted!



Dolce Seven has since moved to Austin, TX and acquired a new team member, his fiancée Hillary. 

Hillary being gluten intolerant was very excited to try the cheesecakes for the very first time. 

“I remember as a kid my great-grandfather giving me graham crackers all of the time as a snack after school and how much I loved them. I doubted that the crust could be anything like a real cheesecakes. When I took my first bite it was like an explosion of flavors in my mouth. And behind it... I was reminiscing about those times with my grandfather. I was amazed at how creamy the filling was and how plump the fruit was and the crust... it was so close to a real cheesecake! I thought to myself, this is the best cheesecake I have ever had! “

When Josue asked Hillary to be a part of the business she was an immediate yes! She loved the cheesecakes so much, she wanted everyone to have a chance to try them! 

And most importantly, she believed in Josué, and his dream.  

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